Who Are You?

Diversity of people with text asking "Who are YOU?"

No really, who are you? What’s your unique story? Can you quickly and smoothly describe your compelling value proposition and what makes you special in your clients’ eyes? Why do they work with you? Why did they choose you?

If you aren’t able to articulate this in 30 seconds, you are not alone. Sure, you’re a “financial advisor who provides comprehensive financial planning and serves as a fiduciary to clients”. But, as you’ve probably noticed, lots and lots of advisors say this. And at some point, it becomes evident that a basic message like this just isn’t enough. At some point, you’ve got to dig deeper.

Our Practice Development Team’s role is to really get to know the advisors we support…to earn your trust to help you dig deeper and uncover YOUR message, in YOUR voice, in a way that resonates with YOUR target audience…that’s cohesive and descriptive yet succinct…that you’re passionate about and that is true for YOU…that you’re excited and proud to share with clients and prospects, each and every day.

At some point, a basic message just isn’t enough.
At some point, you’ve got to DIG DEEPER.

Is this an easy task? Of course not. But, we believe that identifying and sharing your unique message—among other important goals—is crucial to your success as an advisor. It’s the foundation for all of your marketing efforts and relationships. It’s the highly impactful difference between telling your amazing story (it’s in there) and reciting a long list of things you do for clients.

In addition to our experienced, well-established virtual back/middle office services, technology, and investment management options, FocusPoint proudly offers our advisors a Practice Development Team and customized Route Map that yield REAL RESULTS…in branding, marketing, and ultimately, growth.

It’s all included in your relationship with us. And your success is our focus.

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