History of FocusPoint

We offer you the tools, education, and an experienced team, empowering you to freely envision your ideal business and lifestyle.

We are committed to strengthening and implementing our partners’ vision for success, while identifying and eliminating the root causes of their problems. We’re passionate about connecting the right people, technology and services to create better businesses and an improved quality of life for successful advisors. We have a strong reputation in the industry, committed to serving advisors with our honest, integrity, and dedication to real results.

Absolutely everything about our solution has been built for advisors, by advisors. This is what makes us different from anything else available throughout our industry. We understand the issues you may be facing because we’ve faced them ourselves – and we’ve designed our systems to address what you and your clients really need.

Be prepared to explore a solution that actually makes sense.

FocusPoint Solutions’ Trading Team Members – Michael Whisenhunt (left) and Eric Lukesh (right).

Background of FocusPoint:

FocusPoint’s unique turnkey solution has been growing and maturing since 1990 when our founder began developing systems, software, and processes to support his own RIA.

An early adopter, Our founder – and his businesses – have always been on the cutting edge. He started his financial advisory business in 1982, becoming a CFP® professional in 1989. Sensing the future of the planning industry, in 1990 our founder decided to form his own RIA and transition completely from commissions to fees. Throughout the 1990s, his practice grew and matured; today The H Group is a highly respected wealth management firm with offices throughout Oregon.

During this time, many other advisors came to our founder for advice on how they, too, could transition their own practices to fees, asking him to show them how to recreate what he had developed. Some of these advisors chose to join forces with our founder, under the banner of The H Group, in order to take advantage of his advisor-minded systems, investment management knowledge and virtual office. Others preferred to operate under their own brand identity yet still utilize what he had already created. Several advisors encouraged our founder to create a solution to accommodate advisors outside of The H Group. These discussions helped us realize that there are many advisors all over the country who are also interested in learning from our experience and plugging into what we’ve already created: An integrated, non-proprietary, systemized fee-based platform that gives them the means to build and grow a truly thriving business.

Therefore, our founder decided to spin off what he had created to support other advisors on a national, private label basis. And FocusPoint Solutions was born.

Today, we help our private label partners file their own RIA and create their own marketing materials (under their own identity), while still utilizing the systems that have been in place and evolving for almost 20 years.

The main questions FocusPoint has always and will continue to ask – are in keeping with the following themes:

  • What do RIAs need in order to give clients what they need?
  • How can we enhance the relationships between the RIAs we support and their clients?
  • How is XYZ thing we’re incorporating into our structure (i.e. this investment policy statement, investment recommendation, new report, or piece of marketing communication advisors can use if they choose to) going to impact or look or feel to clients?
  • How can we foresee and therefore prepare RIAs to overcome and/or address potential client issues or objections so that everyone is happy?

FocusPoint currently works with RIA firms nationwide. We’re constantly in search of forming long-term partnerships with the best advisors in the country.