FocusPoint Advisor Case Studies

Here are some advisors who have brought new LIFE to their business by partnering with FocusPoint.

Case Studies

Case Study 4 - Multi-Advisor RIA: Move to New Models and Grow to $1 Billion


  • Multi-advisor RIA wanting to grow from $120 million to $1 billion
  • Move all client assets to a new investment philosophy/third signal provider
  • Grow by advisor acquisition and adding IARs in various locations to RIA
  • Establish all streamlined systems and back office operations to create ease for all IARs
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Case Study 3 - Emerging Breakaway Advisor: Grow to $100 Million and Do Business His Way


  • Significantly grow as a sole practitioner
  • Leverage the high level resources, virtual staff, and support systems of a much larger firm
  • Keep his own brand
  • Speak and volunteer in the local community
  • Set the stage for a smooth and profitable future succession plan
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Case Study 5 - Multi-Advisor RIA: Restructure a $150 Million Firm


  • $150 million, 2 principal RIA seeking 2-3x growth without adding to staff
  • Spend more time with family
  • Create a more efficient and valuable business that would be easy for a future successor to plug into
  • Implement new investment strategy across 50% of client accounts
  • Outsource back office activities previously handled by soon-to-be-retiring principal
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Case Study 2 - Multi-Advisor Hybrid RIA: Streamline Processes & Profitability


  • Streamline the RIA’s message, processes, and investment process across several advisors at multiple locations
  • Utilize the experience and guidance of a larger firm to help come up with a plan to eliminate compliance concerns
  • Build in capacity for significant growth
  • Reduce staff from 11 to 6—staff to focus on client-centered (rather than operational) activities
  • Maintain RIA and a B/D for insurance business
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Case Study 7 - Solo RIA: Simplify, Delegate, and Grow by Bringing on Advisors


  • Continue to maintain his unique brand, message, investment philosophy, and model portfolios
  • Free up his time to bring on new advisors and educate them on his business model
  • Experience less stress
  • Make a decision to invest in his business in order to quickly double his AUM
  • Confidently delegate his day-to-day activities to a dedicated relationship manager and trusted team
  • Leverage the resources offered by FocusPoint
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Case Study 1 - Breakaway Advisor: Seeking a Lifestyle Practice and Leverage


  • Sole practitioner seeking a much improved work/life balance
  • Break away and go fee-only
  • Gain the ability to take time out of the office
  • Employ only one staff person
  • Design and implement a plan to move all clients under one single investment philosophy (one message, one way of doing business)
  • Re-energize his spirit by delegating the exhausting day-to-day minutiae
  • Downsize from working with 350 households to 150 households, while maintaining a similar revenue stream
  • Plug into the resources and expertise offered by a larger firm
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Case Study 6 - Solo RIA: Streamline Business for Future Ownership


  • Fee-only solo RIA could no longer do it all on his own, recognizing the need to delegate
  • Grow without hiring/managing staff
  • Build in capacity by outsourcing
  • Spend more time with his family
  • Achieve leverage, business continuity, and ease of transitioning business to future successor
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Advisor Interviews

Sole Practitioner

Advisor #1 Goals:

Retain 1/3 of clients while creating a more balanced lifestyle and generating the same revenue.

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Fee-only Sole Practitioner

Advisor #2 Goals:

To provide a high level or service and get systems in place for growth without staff.

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