Hybrid RIA

Do you plan to do mostly fee-based business but keep a B-D (broker-dealer) relationship?

Do you plan to do mostly fee-based business but remain in the B-D environment? As a mostly fee-based advisor, do you intend to continue earning revenue from variable insurance or commission business? Whether you’re satisfied with your current B-D relationship or need assistance connecting with one that supports your goal of forming (or continuing to operate) your own independent RIA, we can help you. FocusPoint has a long history of working with advisors in this situation.

Depending on your unique needs and business goals, we can:

  • Help you to form your own RIA
  • Provide you with ongoing compliance support relating to your RIA
  • Point you in the direction of various fee-friendly B/D’s
  • Provide your B-D with what they need from an oversight standpoint
  • Create and execute a custom transition plan to increase your fee-based revenue
  • Utilize our long-standing relationships to assist you with approval/establishment of your RIA with a best-fit custodian

And, for all advisors we support, we can:

  • Provide you with a full suite of non-proprietary technology to help you run your business more efficiently
  • Create customized, automated workflow processes for you and your staff
  • Execute (establish, manage, trade, monitor) your investment process
  • Design custom reports for you based on your unique needs
  • Handle all of your back/middle office and billing
  • Offer you practice development guidance