Your Client Experience

FocusPoint Solutions offers independent advisors an experienced, client-focused back office support team, technology, and unique, flexible investment options…plus a comprehensive practice development program.

We operate from the core belief that your time is best spent working directly with your clients to help them achieve their important financial planning goals. Your partnership with FocusPoint gives you the ability to more efficiently handle much of your daily administrative workload. The advisors who utilize our service offering believe that delegating some of these essential tasks allows them to focus on their true skill sets and purpose. We support you, the advisor, behind the scenes, giving you the ability to remain in control of your client experience.

As your service partner, we offer you a single point of contact for all administrative activities with the vendors or custodians that your firm and your clients choose to use. While you continue to supervise and direct those tasks, you are not burdened with the actual execution of those activities. This allows you to focus on delivering the best possible overall service—and experience—to your clients.

FocusPoint does not have discretion (the right to do things without notice from you as the advisor) on your clients’ accounts. We cannot make trades, move money, or make changes to your clients’ accounts without your instruction.