Our Unique Core Beliefs and Values

The complete solution we’re pleased to provide to you and your staff includes everything from an integrated client database and portfolio management system, to fully aligned systems for procedural and administrative support.

The program is enhanced by our advisor-minded philosophies and strategic business guidance, and bolstered by compliance, case writing, marketing, and technology support. Utilizing a web-based virtual office concept, we deliver a fully outsourced and turnkey business solution for fee-based advisors.

Your Time

We believe that you should allocate the maximum amount of time possible to nurturing and developing client relationships-everything else should be delegated or outsourced.

Our goal is to free you up so you can focus on the most important aspects of your business: building client relationships and marketing your services. We will help you experience a new freedom and sense of ability that may have been missing before.

You’ll experience more time not only to build your business relationships, but also to enjoy your personal life.

Time is a commodity. Once it is used it can’t be replaced. We will help you leverage your time.

Your Clients

As your partner, we will function transparently behind the scenes to support you in providing the highest possible level of service to your clients.

We are a true private label solution. This means we will always support you, the advisor. We do not communicate with your clients; our agreement is with you. Everything is private labeled and sent to you. You decide what to send your clients, when to send it – and how to communicate with them about who we are and how we help you (if at all).

We want you to experience a significant shift in your thinking and in the way you relate to and work with your clients.

As you use our systems to transition to a true fee-compensated service philosophy, you’ll find your energy and satisfaction levels increasing.

Business vs. Practice

We believe that fee-compensated asset management is more than just providing a product and being compensated with an annualized commission. We believe it is a service and a way of doing business.

Many advisors have attempted to convert their practices to a fee-compensated model. Often, their solution has been to use third-party asset management programs, separate accounts, C shares, or a combination of all three. But when you get right down to it, TAMPs, separate accounts, and C shares are really just products for which the advisor is being compensated with an annualized commission.

If you are providing a product like a TAMP to your client, you may often find yourself in the position of having to say things like,

These are the changes ‘they’ are making in your portfolio.” We will create a customized solution for you which truly puts you in the position of providing the service. And we never communicate directly with your clients. This gives you the ability to able to say “These are the changes ‘we’ are making in your portfolio.

If you need us to, we can help you make the vital shift in thinking which comes from providing a service.

Service vs. Product

Like you, most advisors are highly trained, extremely skilled, enormously caring and incredibly passionate about providing a high quality experience for their clients. The majority of advisors, however, do a far better job of guiding their clients than they do managing their own businesses. We believe that in order to maximize the benefits to both you and your clients, it is critically important for you to have a sound business plan and a clear vision of where you intend to take your business in the future.

The problem is that the nature of the financial advisory business over the past several years has put most advisors into a reactive mode. Rather than utilizing a well-defined, systematic approach, they are struggling to keep up with a never-ending stream of change-and grappling with how to redefine their practices. They barely get through the workload on their desks, let alone create the time they need to pay attention to larger goals.

We’re here to help you make your decisions within the framework of a clearly defined business model. You’ll be supported by a dedicated team, state-of-the-art technology and proven systems. Bob Veres calls the ability to rise above the daily grind “The Magic Elixir” that separates the truly successful advisors from those who merely eke out a living.

We call it building a business versus having a practice.

Manage All Assets on a Fee Basis

Our system was designed by advisors who needed the ability to gather all types of assets including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, variable annuities, fixed annuities, partnerships-virtually any type of security. You also now have the ability to manage all of your client’s accounts on a fee basis, regardless of size.

All accounts, regardless of size or type of asset, are a part of the same procedural, accounting, and reporting system.

Using your customized, Web-based, fully integrated system means that as long as you’re online, everything you need is right there on the screen in front of you.