Existing RIA

Do you have your own RIA but find yourself struggling in various areas of your business? Would you be interested in customizing your own solution based on your specific needs?

Often times, when you’ve already done the work to establish your own RIA, you may find yourself spending too much time trying to integrate all areas of your business, manage the compliance burden on your own, and handle all staff and/or administrative activities. If so, we can definitely help you to design your ideal solution, identifying and addressing any gaps you may need to fill. Not only can we help free up a significant amount of time for you to spend on clients and/or new business and/or professional development, you’ll experience improved efficiency and likely cost savings and an increase in your profitability and intrinsic value of your business.

FocusPoint can:

  • Help you to design a unique service solution to complement (or replace) your already established systems
  • Provide you with ongoing compliance support relating to your RIA
  • Offer you additional compliance support – from basic ongoing to full-service, comprehensive-based on your needs
  • If need be, devise a plan to bring most or all of your assets to one custodian and consolidate your client assets onto one statement

And, for all advisors we support, we can:

  • Provide you with a full suite of non-proprietary technology to help you run your business more efficiently
  • Create customized, automated workflow processes for you and your staff
  • Execute (establish, manage, trade, monitor) your investment process
  • Design custom reports for you based on your unique needs
  • Handle all of your back/middle office and billing
  • Offer you practice development guidance