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Our Back Office Support Services

We’re more than just a back and middle office outsourcing firm. We’re the partners who can help you streamline and enhance every facet of your business.

As an advisor, your time is precious. Every minute of your working day matters. After all, the more time you spend with clients, the more you can foster relationships – and grow your business.

The problem? The endless list of office tasks to handle every day! Whether it’s billing clients or updating records, you’re probably wasting too much time on monotonous tasks. And in the long-term, they’re pulling you away from the meaningful, revenue-generating work that matters.

What’s the answer to this problem? FocusPoint Solutions.

As a leading back office outsourcing provider, we handle those time-consuming office processes for you. With our support, you can:

  • Prioritize your time and energy
  • Focus on business growth strategies
  • Improve your compliance
  • Streamline your processes to improve your bottom line

We can offer what other back office providers do not: a true partnership. We’re an extension of your team. And we’re as invested in your success as you are.

FocusPoint Solutions. Your most important relationship. Our solutions let you direct your focus where it matters most.

Middle Office and Back Office Outsourcing Services: Daily Administrative and Account-Related Activities

Employees in a meeting.
  • Provide Advisor with relationship manager dedicated to Advisor’s firm
  • Establish new accounts in system
  • Handle uploads/downloads, data maintenance, and account reconciliation
  • Review accounts at agreed upon intervals to ensure they’re invested according to investment model
  • Aid Advisor with proper documentation for establishing an account
  • Set up and maintain RMDs and other distributions
  • Communicate with custodian about requests received (transfer outs, restriction notices, etc.)
  • Follow up on activities that require attention
  • Serve as liaison between custodian and Advisor, creating one central point of contact to handle all quality control and assigned tasks
  • Facilitate with custodian to deliver funds requested to end client via chosen method
  • Provide updates as needed so Advisor can be aware of status
  • Ensure new paperwork and assets are received and executed by custodian
  • Follow up and follow through with transfer requests to ensure assets are received/delivered
  • Coordinate with custodian to resolve any outstanding issues, trying to limit Advisor having to go back to end client as much as possible
  • Use provided technology to work with Advisor to automate certain internal workflows where applicable
  • Inform Advisor of any requests received by custodian

Complete Reporting and Billing Services From Experienced Back Office Providers

  • Utilizing Advisor’s billing structure, provide quarterly billing calculation, billing statement generation, deduction from client accounts, and payment to Advisor’s account
  • Deliver preliminary billing report to Advisor for review and accuracy prior to fees being pulled
  • Provide final billing statement to Advisor for delivery to clients if Advisor so chooses
  • Provide householded client billing statements on set scheduled basis
  • Provide basic reporting (realized gain/loss reports, estimated 1099 dividend information) for taxable accounts
  • Offer custom reporting for individual client needs (1099, unrealized gain/loss, etc.)
  • Maintain cost basis tracking for incoming securities in taxable accounts
  • Work with Advisor to develop customized client deliverable reports as requested

Trading Support and Strategy

  • As assets arrive into new and existing accounts, confirm with Advisor that it is alright to trade to the appropriate investment model
  • As cash arrives into new and existing accounts, wait until cash is over the model weighting, then invest into chosen investment models
  • As investment model changes are made, ensure those trades are executed
  • Liquidate assets proportionately according to investment model to free up cash for redemptions, fees, or systematic withdrawal requests
  • Execute stock/bond/annuity trades as necessary or as requested by Advisor
  • Review/rebalance at agreed upon timeframes, using Advisor’s criteria to ensure accounts are invested according to investment model
  • If assisting Advisor with creation of new investment models, help Advisor to move accounts into those models
  • Work with Advisor to create a strategy to handle tax sensitive accounts
  • When possible, trade around investments with potential short-term redemption fees

FocusPoint Solutions: Your Most Important Relationship

Most of the advisors we support call us their most important relationship. Why do our back office services have such an impact?

The answer is simple. We take service very seriously. Because of our advisor background, we recognize that if your clients are happy, chances are, you’re happy too.

Contact us to discuss our range of RIA back office solutions.

What Makes Our Back and Middle Office Outsourcing Solutions Different?

First, the FocusPoint team is extremely experienced. Not only is our entire back/middle office highly knowledgeable and capable, we truly care about each and every one of your client accounts.

When you work with FocusPoint, your back/middle office associate speaks your language and understands your business. This is largely because as advisors, we always found it incredibly frustrating when it felt like we actually had to train each service person at every provider (custodians, investment, annuity, insurance companies, etc.) about what we and our clients needed.

Next, on the same note, advisors who work with FocusPoint have one central point of contact. This back/middle office associate basically functions as your own dedicated staff person, yet you don’t have to worry about hiring, training, or managing him or her.

Our team knows you and your clients by name. Because of the amount of administrative work we take off your plate, you will find that you immediately have more time and capacity. (link here for a list of back/middle office responsibilities we take off your plate)

Finally, we’ve designed all of our systems and processes so that you’re able to delegate a task and then truly not have to worry about it. Because you and your back/middle office associate are both plugged into the same virtual office, you can check in on the status of anything at any time. You’ll find detailed notes attached to each step of each process.

95% of the questions you may get from your clients can be answered simply by logging into your virtual office – all the real-time details are right there for you. Once you delegate a task, you can rest assured it will be completed with accuracy and timeliness.

Meet Our Back Office Support Services Team

Sure, we’re a back office service provider. But we like to think of our back office team as your middle office.

Why? Because we’re an extension of your team. We don’t just support your business operations. We become fully invested in your firm.

From reducing costs to saving you time, we champion your business and help you flourish.

With the FocusPoint Solutions back office providers on your side, you can build your business from the front. We offer:

  • A single point of contact for consistent tech support and customer service
  • Reliable business process outsourcing to help you make data-driven, informed decisions
  • A dedicated Relationship Manager to ensure you feel personally supported

We’re committed to helping you get the most from our back office support services. Ask our team any questions you may have about the process.

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Chief Operating Officer

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Service Team Manager

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Meet the Trading Team

Our back office services go beyond administrative tasks. We can handle you trading and investment needs, too. As part of our support services, our dedicated trading team can handle every aspect of your trading requirements. We can assist with:

  • Investment research and strategy
  • Special asset strategies
  • Market updates
  • Account reviews
  • Technical support

Contact us to discuss how our trading team can help you.

Matt Fleming

Director of Portfolio Data

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Senior Trading Manager

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