Breakaway Advisor

Have you considered breaking away but aren’t sure how to make it happen?

Making the transition to your own RIA is a big task which requires careful planning and commitment. FocusPoint has a long history of helping advisors who are seeking true independence.

Our established breakaway solution can actually help you grow…while giving you the ability to maintain true independence. Advisors can confidently outsource back office tasks while utilizing our comprehensive practice development, coaching, and marketing program to help them attract even more business. It’s your roadmap to success.

You keep your own RIA, utilizing a Web-based, centralized engine to consolidate and outsource non-client-facing activities like investment research, trading, reporting, and billing to an experienced, reasonably priced virtual support team.

Since 2005, FocusPoint Solutions has worked alongside dozens of advisors, guiding them along the path to independence—and gathering hands-on insight throughout many advisor transitions. The comment our team hears most often from advisors is, “I only wish I had done this sooner!”

Think of us as your Virtual Ensemble®, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of a larger firm — while keeping your own identity and remaining in control of all decisions relating to your business.

Depending on your unique needs and business goals, we can:

  • Provide complete transition planning and assistance
  • Offer unique resources, virtual staff, and an advisor toolbox you can leverage
  • Create a customized solution to fill any gaps or needs
  • Assist with your customized client experience (meetings, processes, marketing pieces, etc.)
  • Collaborate with you to design a roadmap to get you to your ideal business
  • Provide you with the autonomy and ability to run your business the way you choose
  • Remain behind the scenes, supporting you transparently as you focus on your clients

And, for all advisors we support, we can:

  • Provide you with a full suite of non-proprietary technology to help you run your business more efficiently
  • Create customized, automated workflow processes for you and your staff
  • Execute (establish, manage, trade, monitor) an investment process that works for you
  • Design custom reports for you based on your unique needs
  • Handle all of your back/middle office and billing
  • Offer you practice development guidance