We have created systems which can work with just about any planning software or process you’ve chosen.

Advisors who work with FocusPoint have access to an integrated, non-proprietary, highly intuitive software—at an extreme discount. This system includes contact management, portfolio performance reporting, form filling, online document storage, optional email hosting, an E-signature/DocuSign solution, even a client portal (accessible to clients through your website)…plus all nightly/weekly backups, which gives advisors the option of not having to maintain their own server.

With an Internet connection, you can view all client files, including scanned-in documents, daily market values, and every activity you, your staff, and your FocusPoint back/middle office team has ever done for/with a client.

We feel strongly that when it comes an advisor’s virtual office, what’s paramount is that all software is integrated and therefore works well with everything else.

What’s Included in Your New Virtual Office

Here’s what you have access to within the FocusPoint suite of software (a fully integrated virtual office):

  • CRM (data conversion as applicable)
  • Portfolio management software
  • Reporting software
  • Online document storage
  • Client portal (accessible to your clients via your website)
  • Ongoing technology/software training and upgrades/enhancements
  • Offsite server hosting/maintenance
  • Nightly and weekly client data backup
  • Email hosting (optional)
  • E-signature/DocuSign solution

One strategic decision we’ve made is not to incorporate any financial planning software into our systems. This is because we have found that almost every advisor has a slightly different planning process. We suspect that, like most advisors we support, you are fiercely independent. That’s why we will never dictate how you communicate with or service your clients. On a similar note, we have created systems which can work with just about any planning software or process you’ve chosen as best for you and your business.

Meet the Technology Team

Our firm regularly reviews our technology offering, checking in with advisors for feedback on anything that might be missing or needed. This helps to eliminate the need for advisors we support to spend their valuable time researching what will likely always be an evolving aspect of their business planning. On a related note, these advisors also chose to outsource various business activities to our experienced team, opting to enlist a virtual business partner who can help them achieve such goals as increased efficiency, time freed up, and additional capacity built into their business for future potential growth.

Chad Grooms

Director of Technology

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