What Happens to My Staff?

Our unique support model gives advisors the freedom to run a highly efficient business with built-in capacity for growth and a relatively low number of key staff. Advisors who choose FocusPoint as a partner ultimately decide to outsource the minutiae (like trading, reporting, billing, investment research, and/or technology) to our experienced, dedicated, virtual support staff, who operate as an extension of their own team.

That said, many of the advisors we work with employ incredible people who are absolutely integral to their business and their client experience. As a result of outsourcing to FocusPoint, advisors are able to free up their critical employees’ time to focus on client-facing or other business-building activities. We’ve very often found that this shift can be truly motivating to these valuable team members.

The advisors who engage our custom services operate effectively with a relatively low number of full-time staff, whose jobs now include more client-centered responsibilities (such as appointment scheduling, client interactions and events, preparing meeting presentation materials, etc.). The majority of the daily workload not involving client contact is handled by our virtual back office team.

By engaging our virtual team as an extension of their own staff, advisors can more easily make the move away from an unsatisfactory business model. As a result, they’re able to work fewer and more quality hours, focusing mainly on financial planning and meeting with clients they truly enjoy—likely the things that drew them to this profession in the first place. At the same time they’re able to maintain successful and profitable businesses. Those who come to us seeking more balance, time, and efficiency find that engaging our virtual support team and services has helped them to achieve those goals. Advisors often become re-energized and excited about their businesses again.

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