3 Tips to TELL YOUR STORY… and Boost Your Growth

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No one said it was easy. But when you put the time and energy into telling YOUR STORY—REALLY identifying what you’re passionate about and what makes you specialgrowth with the right clients is sure to follow.

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Dig deep and identify what makes you uniquely qualified to help YOUR clients.

  • Many advisors can look the same on paper. Lots and lots of advisors can say they’re highly-credentialed fiduciaries who do comprehensive financial planning. What’s unique about YOU?
    • What are you truly passionate about?
    • Why did you become a financial advisor in the first place?
    • What do your ideal clients love about you?
    • What are the personality traits you and your best clients share?
    • What do you offer clients that’s specific to your geographic location?
    • Do/could you use imagery in your marketing pieces that would easily resonate with your local prospect/clients?
    • What are some of your client success stories you can put into a message that can be shared with your target audience?
    • What do you do that clients tell you they’ve never had an advisor do for them?

Make the best use of the (short but valuable) time you have to engage a prospect.

  • Most of us have very short attention spans these days. Is your message effective when you have a very limited amount of time to get prospects to engage with you?
    • In-person/on the phone or Zoom: Are you able to express your story in a passionate—yet concise—way with prospects that will allow them to connect with you on an emotional level?
    • You probably have an amazing background and lots of wonderful things to share with a prospect, but it’s unlikely that you’ll have more than 30 seconds to potentially engage someone with your unique message.
    • On your website: Like it or not, now more than ever, the world is becoming more and more virtual. It’s extremely probably that a new prospect is going to Google you and your website. Are the most important pieces of your message/unique service model easily accessed from your homepage? Can a prospect visiting your website easily find calls to action to contact you, learn more, and/or access your key marketing collateral? Is your website (at the very least, your homepage) reflective of your current message, or does it need a quick refresh? You may have a great message but it’s changed and/or potentially buried too deeply in your website for prospects to easily identify and connect with it.
    • In your print and digital marketing materials: Do you have simple, one- or two-sided, piece that sums up your compelling, unique value proposition and service offering to clients? If not, it’s worth considering creating one.

Make sure your marketing collateral and messaging is cohesive and aligned.

  • Maximize all your lines of communication with prospects and clients. Do all of your potential messaging/communications with prospects or clients (whether in-person, online, or in print/digital format) tell the same (simple) story?
    • Are you and your team members reiterating your unique message to clients and prospects? If so, does that message match your website and tell the same story that you would tell in person? In order to be as effective and clear as possible, all your messaging should match.
    • Do your materials all look like they work together? For example, when you send out a welcome packet to new clients, does everything that’s included clearly reflect your brand (colors, style, font, imagery, tone, etc.)? Putting together a style guide that addresses all of these elements of your brand can help tremendously.

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