Advisor Leverage

Your relationship with FocusPoint brings leverage to your firm and to your clients. By working with us, you are aligned with many other like-minded independent advisors who also utilize our back/middle office and practice development services. This creates several benefits for you and your clients.

  • A high level of dedicated custodian and vendor service.  You are able to work with select custodian and vendor service teams who are dedicated to your relationship, rather than those providing service assistance to many other firms. This typically allows you to find faster and more efficient solutions for your clients.
  • A large, experienced service and support team. You have direct access to a veteran team of service, investment, and practice development specialists. You are plugged into a team of over 25 people to assist your clients.
  • Business continuity.  Your firm becomes part of a large independent advisor network which is available to help in times of crisis and/or serve as a resource to you and your clients.
  • Ability to manage costs.  You are better able to control your cost of doing business. By establishing a consistent cost for many of your business expenditures, you have more control over these operating expenses.