Speak Your Truth, Find Your Tribe

Advisors are evolving.

And our industry seems to be broadcasting this announcement to independent advisors:

Stop swimming in the sea of sameness. It’s okay to shed any of your old fears about delivering a marketing message that’s personal, specialized, and true for you. In a world of sensory overload, it’s time to be—and share—your authentic self.”

Why has this message been so widely received? Because financial planning has come a really long way…and it feels like our space is more than ready for this evolution.

On a similar note, in the eyes and minds of clients and prospects, financial planning has become commoditized. Today, most clients are seeking much more than a long list of financial planning services. They want a collaborative, personalized, transparent relationship with their advisor. They want to ask questions and experience customization. They want to know they’re more than just a name and number. They want to feel seen, heard, and understood.

“In the eyes and minds of clients and prospects, financial planning has become commoditized.”

If, as an advisor, you want your clients to open up and share with you—and not leave anything important out of the conversation which may inhibit you from doing your best financial planning work—shouldn’t your clients, in turn, expect the same from you?

If your message reflects even a glimmer of your truth, then based on its very nature, it will be compelling to your ideal audience. They’ll be intrigued, attracted, and moved. They will want to connect with you and learn more.

lightbulb graphic

“If you want your clients to open up and share with you, shouldn’t they—in turn—expect the same from you?”

Actors practice their lines over and over until they’re memorized…THEN they can add their own personal emotion, which is what ultimately brings those lines to life.

Even once you’ve practiced and told your story over and over again, if it’s not authentic and personal at some deeper level, you’re missing out on having the ability to truly connect with your target audience.

If you’re speaking your truth through the unique story you share with the world, NO ONE can dispute its authenticity and power. And—unlike the list of financial planning services you provide for clients—the unique combination of WHO YOU ARE (your authentic self) and WHAT YOU DO DIFFERENTLY (your unique value proposition) can NEVER become commoditized.

So, how can you tell if you’re speaking your truth? Telling your message should fill you with a feeling of empowerment, peace, and confidence. If it doesn’t, know that you’re not alone.

“The unique combination of WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU DO DIFFERENTLY can NEVER become commoditized.”

Our Practice Development (PDP) team walks alongside advisors, helping them dig deeper to discover their unique story and message for themselves. We’re not here to tell advisors what their unique message should be. We’re here to guide them through the process of discovering what makes them special, what they’re most passionate about, and what inspires them to do this good work for their clients.

mega phone with text "What's your story?"

Most advisors have never gone through this process before, and it’s not an easy task—there’s just no way around it. But the end result becomes the foundation for *absolutely everything else*. Advisors who commit to being open and honest with us through this hard work usually have an “aha!” moment during our conversations…at some point, a light bulb seems to go on in an advisor’s eyes. That’s when we know they’re onto something worth exploring more deeply.

Of course, you can just create messaging that’s good enough. But, then you’re probably missing the boat—the one that takes you to the ideal outcome: Reaching your particular “tribe” of clients…those who speak your language and want to be a part of what you’re doing…because they connect with who and what is authentically YOU.

Find the right words to tell the world about your unique story, and don’t be surprised if everything about your business gets better.

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