Want your own RIA—not the burden that goes along with it?

FocusPoint Solutions can help you make the successful leap to having your own RIA—or improve upon the one you already have.

Our Virtual Ensemble® offers advisors many of the benefits they’re accustomed to at a larger firm or wirehouse. This takes much of the burden off of them while they remain at the helm of their RIA business.

FocusPoint’s time-tested, integrated, advisor-minded business model allows you to outsource your day-to-day back and middle office administrative tasks. You’re able to focus on your true purpose and talents…to remember why you got into business in the first place.

When you have your own RIA and partner with FocusPoint, you say YES to:

  • Significantly more autonomy
    Our business model gives you the ability to serve your clients with your unique strengths and values.
  • A large, experienced, virtual service and support team that serves as an extension of your own office
    Your relationship manager—your firm’s central point of contact—is supported by a team that’s already trained and fully plugged into your new systems.
  • An array of flexible and unique investment options
    You can choose from several exclusive investment options, or implement your own investment philosophy and model portfolios.
  • Cutting-edge technology
    We research, implement, and train you on a suite of integrated technology which serves as the platform on which you run your RIA.
  • Business growth and marketing
    You can take advantage of the our fully structured, professionally guided practice development and marketing program.
  • Leverage
    Due to your affiliation with FocusPoint, you work with a select custodial service team who is dedicated to your relationship. You also have direct access to a veteran team of service specialists and CFAs dedicated solely to investment research.
  • Group synergy with other like-minded advisors
    Our credentialed advisor partners are among the most experienced in the industry. You’re plugged into a group of independent advisors who collaborate with one another and share the extensive common resources of our firm.
  • Business continuity
    The large independent advisor network you’ve joined is available to help and guide in times of crisis or need.
  • Ability to manage costs
    Your relationship with FocusPoint allows you to better control your cost of doing business. By establishing a consistent cost for many of your business expenditures, you’ll have greater control over these operating expenses.

With your own RIA, FocusPoint’s virtual team at your side, and our innovative, integrated systems as your support engine, you can have it all. Contact us today to learn more.

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