This is not an inflation thing…

A feeling: It’s what successful firms and great financial advisors DO DIFFERENTLY.

Here’s what we mean.

Have you ever spent $32 on homemade cookies? Or something else that was non-essential, but made you feel really great? (We promise this message is directly applicable to you as a financial advisor…keep reading.)

Even in the midst of economic chaos, as humans, we are still compelled to spend on products and services which make us feel good.

Yes, retail therapy is real (we polled our team…all of us are guilty as charged, many times over). But spending this particular $32 on cookies was not that. It was an utterly comforting, satisfying moment within an exceptionally chaotic week, under the umbrella of the extraordinarily uncertain world where we and our clients live.

This is not an inflation thing. It’s a feeling thing.
Picture this:

🍪 You open a storefront door.
🍪 An amazing aroma hits you.
🍪 A clean, well-maintained, peaceful space reassures you.
🍪 You’re greeted by genuine friendliness. People know their roles well and are happy to serve you. They smile, make eye contact, ask you for your name.
🍪 You’re clearly informed about your choices (how could you not be? They’re displayed transparently on the counter in front of you. Not under glass, but RIGHT THERE to examine from all angles and ask questions about as you please.)
🍪 There isn’t an overwhelming number of options; the decision is manageable.
🍪 The knowledgeable person taking your order gladly provides answers and details as you make your selection.
🍪 You’re told exactly where to go as you await your order.
🍪 3 minutes later, another employee calls your name, opens a box to show you the beautiful, freshly baked product inside, awaits your approval before closing it.
🍪 You’re thanked with a smile as you head back out into the chaotic universe, happily clutching your warm, $32 cookies, tucked safely into their charming, functional package.

This isn’t rocket science, but it sure feels like it.

The 5-minute customer (client) experience was entirely:

😊 Comforting
😊 Luxurious
😊 Reassuring
😊 Calming
😊 Satisfying

Whether you own a bakery or a financial planning firm (like the advisors we support), having an intentional, well-thought out and defined client experience will elevate you to a higher level of success.

✅ The end product is high quality.
✅ There’s clearly a consistent, culture-led process in place.
✅ It’s been designed, established, conveyed, and implemented, and it’s clicking on all cylinders.
✅ The ownership gets it and has communicated it clearly to the firm.
✅ The staff gets it.
✅ Customers get it.
✅ Customers are happy.
✅ Customers tell their friends and family about their experience.
✅ Customers return.
✅ Customers’ connections become new customers.
✅ Rinse and repeat.

Envision this:

🔁 What if you combined your high-quality advisory services and knowledge with a powerful, clear culture & well-defined, systematized processes?
🔁 What if your clients happily anticipated the consistent experience of entering your office (or even your Zoom space)—every time, no matter what’s happening in this crazy world outside your doors?
🔁 What if your clients knew, based on this experience, that they’d be taken care of by you and your team in your own special way?

Many advisors (like the ones we support) have recognized the need to outsource much of the operational, NON-CLIENT-FACING tasks to a trusted partner like FocusPoint. This partnership increases their available time and energy, ultimately creating more opportunity and space for them to gain clarity and inspiration about the unique client experience they want to deliver.

By systematizing as much as possible—largely accomplished through outsourcing to our experienced team—FocusPoint advisors have more freedom to focus ON their business, not IN it. They gain more time, more efficiency, more leverage, more support, AND a much more process-driven practice. This awesome combination breeds the ability for these advisors to implement and consistently execute a repeatable experience—sprinkled with a personalized touch—that makes clients feel special.

“If you have clarity about your culture, service model, and processes, you have power:
⚡To generate the particular, unique experience that you, your team, and your clients are truly excited about sharing with the world.”

It’s all in your hands.

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