The Power of a Coach or Advocate

What is a coach and why is having one so instrumental to your success?

A coach is your advocate…someone who wants you to succeed…someone who exists to help you to create and execute tasks which align with your goals.

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Like a trainer in the gym, our Practice Development team provides this type of solution for the advisors we support. When you work with FocusPoint, you gain the guidance and expertise of our professional group, who essentially act as trainers, walking alongside you, advocating for you to help you achieve your goals. Many of the advisors going through our program have become especially successful.

"Success doesn't come to you, you have to work for it."

How—and why—does our program work? What we do is not a magic silver bullet; it’s about execution. There is a clear and direct correlation between the success rate of advisory firms and who executed.

When you first sit down with a trainer what do you do? You work through your needs, then together you come up with a strategic plan: How will you execute it? How will you go in and get it done?

At the end of the day, your success has nothing to do with your coach; it’s all about the power of execution on your end. Most of us get caught up in our daily business routines and personal lives…we just don’t execute. A coach helps you to execute, even on the days you just don’t feel like doing what you know you need to do. Our advisors have devoted at least one hour a week working on—not in—their business. These successful advisors work harder than they probably feel like during that Practice Development hour…because they’re committed to the program.

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Our team is dedicated to developing and enhancing our Practice Development process so that it’s as useful as possible for advisors. We recognize—and emphasize—that your ability to succeed is truly coming from you. At the same time, we are here alongside you, helping to draw your unique message, voice, and passion out of you.

Our process involves a lot of focus and self-discovery. We also provide deliverables like a quarterly scorecard and route map to track your progress along the way.

We are excited that the advisors going through our Practice Development program are hitting their goals and growing.

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