Watch as this Advisor Undergoes a Practice Makeover in Real Time…

Have you had a chance to check out this series online yet? If not, it’s worth checking out. InvestmentNews has created a new segment called “Practice Makeover”, and through it they’re committed to focusing in on one great advisor who has hit a capacity wall and wants a better work/life balance. With the help and input of several industry resources and consulting teams, their goal is to help him to transform his business.

The first advisor profiled in this compelling, real-life Practice Makeover series is not alone in facing the challenges he bravely shares with us here. Many highly successful advisors realize they have built businesses that require their participation or input in just about every area—and something big has to change. Eventually they reach a point where they recognize they simply can’t do it all themselves, and it sounds like this advisor is there. While it’s clear that he has built a thriving business and a loyal client base, it’s also evident that he’s hit a wall in terms of capacity and his quality of life is suffering as a result.

There is hope! Our firm works with advisors managing a similar size client base (350+ households) with minimal—yes, just 1-2—staff. The key is that they have developed really tight systems to help support their clients. They’ve also chosen to outsource at least a portion of their non-client-facing activities.

If you’re a busy advisor who has considered outsourcing any area of your business, then you already know you have many good options. Our consulting team often has conversations with advisors who are either overwhelmed with, or unaware of, all the choices available to them today. It can be tough to differentiate between the benefits of outsourcing services offered by various providers—and even tougher to find a reliable source which lists them for advisors in a simple, unbiased manner.

After having comprehensive consultations with our team, some advisors have chosen to engage our firm and outsource various back office activities to our virtual team. In other cases, we’ve helped point advisors to another outsourcing provider that we feel could better meet their needs.

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