Deeper Client Connections Through Transparency & Technology

The Power of Transparency & Technology

As we have all navigated through the pandemic over the past 18 months, change has become normal and expected. Industry-wide, financial planners who seek to survive—and thrive—have had no choice but to adapt and adjust along the way.

This is *not* a bad thing. This new, ever-changing landscape has actually created more opportunities for advisors. How?

1) Transparency breeds trust.

  • The pandemic has opened doors that were previously closed, encouraging more communication, personalization, and customization than ever before. If you’re like many advisors, you’ve probably learned more about your clients over the past year and a half than you ever thought possible.
  • If you’ve learned to embrace the power of sharing (who you are, what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for), you’ve realized that being transparent about these things with clients instills trust.

2) Technology is here to stay.

  • Advisors who have been open to exploring and embracing technology, shifting to digital marketing and service delivery, have more than likely watched their businesses thrive. Whether you work remotely or meet with clients in person, keep in mind that—physically or virtually—there are ways for you to own your unique space either way.
  • By adopting new, virtual ways of doing business, you can actually cast a wider net, reaching and connecting with a much broader potential (and ideal) client audience.

Human behavior has been forever changed. Most advisors *like* working remotely—they can see their kids more, they spend much less time commuting, they can schedule and conduct meetings at a moment’s notice. And most clients *like* having the convenience of immediate access to important information and solutions from anywhere. In many ways, the transparency and technology bred by the pandemic has improved our lives.

How will you continue to embrace transparency and technology?

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