2020: A Year of Deeper Connection

As 2020 comes to a close, we reflect on the new landscape financial advisors have journeyed through this year.

This year: Events have brought to light how committed independent advisors are to their clients.

As their trusted advisor, now more than ever, you offer your clients so much more than a financial plan—you provide them with the necessary element of human touch. Even prior to 2020, you’ve been prepared to serve (and have served) your clients 24/7. This year has simply reinforced—and clearly displayed—that commitment.

This year: Not one of us has escaped new challenges.

We are all navigating uncertainty and adapting to change: How do we effectively work from home? How do we help our kids thrive as they learn remotely? How do we keep ourselves and our families physically and mentally healthy? How do we handle isolation and loss? These issues cannot be hidden; they are front and center.

This year: The world has become more comfortable with authenticity and transparency.

Potential clients are seeking guidance from those who share their sense of purpose…relationships that allow them to be honest about their values, hopes, fears, and dreams. There is a new level of vulnerability and real life intimacy in client/advisor relationships. More personal connections are being made. Things have gotten very, very real.

This year: Independent advisors have risen to the occasion.

Clients are seeking support and advice above and beyond investing and financial planning. You’ve gotten to know your clients on a more personal level than ever before. And you have proven that you can still connect with them within a virtual landscape—probably in a deeper, more personal, meaningful way than has ever previously been possible. So take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back.

This year: How did you adapt to add new, real value to your clients?

How will you continue this evolution in the year ahead? So much opportunity lies ahead for you to help your clients in more significant ways than ever before.

Wishing you peace, prosperity, and progress in the coming year.

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