You’re Not Alone: REAL Independence, Full Support, Total Control…

The Best of All Worlds?

Once again, our Virtual Ensemble® service offering and concept is resonating with advisors.

Even in (and perhaps even more BECAUSE OF) a landscape of uncertainty, many advisors are seeking the highest level of independence and autonomy. They want the flexibility to remain in control of all decisions relating to their clients and their business. But it’s tough to give up the benefits associated with a traditional ensemble or larger firm business model (leverage, support, economies of scale, etc.).

Enter FocusPoint’s Virtual Ensemble® business model. Created entirely by advisors for advisors, our solution can bring new LIFE (Leverage, Independence, Flexibility, and Efficiency) to your business…without the need to join a larger firm. Our advisors might say it’s the best of all worlds.

LIFE acronym with confused people.

Could the Virtual Ensemble® Be The Solution You’ve Been Searching For?

If you find yourself answering “Yes!” as you read on, you may have finally found your ideal business solution.

Your Business Belongs To You

  • You own and operate your own RIA…or temporarily utilize our bridge RIA solution while keeping your own brand.
  • Whether or not you maintain a broker/dealer affiliation is up to you.
  • Your clients only have a relationship directly with YOU; FocusPoint is transparent to your clients.
  • You maintain control at all times.
  • You have leverage, resources, and scalability, without the need to join a larger firm.
  • You’re able to redirect your time and energy to client relationships and business growth.

You’re Not Alone

Your Team of Experienced Professionals Backs You Up

  • Whether you’re setting up a new firm, changing custodians, leaving a broker/dealer, merging firms, etc.… your Transitions Team will help you make a smooth transition to your new business model.
  • Your Relationship Managers serve as your central point of contact for all back/middle office activities.
  • Your Trading Team takes this responsibility and liability off your plate.
  • No matter which investment process you choose to utilize, your Investments/CFA Team is available to provide you with direct communication and support as needed.
  • Your IT Team is there to help you with your technology needs/questions/training/support.
  • Your Marketing Team can help you to attract and grow with your ideal clients through brand consulting, messaging, collateral, and overall marketing/sales strategy.
  • Your Practice Development Team offers you ongoing business coaching, helping you to grow your business, maintain or improve its profitability, and/or maximize its value.
  • Your Advisor Development Team can help guide you through your questions and needs relating to business ownership as they arise.

You Plug Into an Integrated, NON-PROPRIETARY Suite of Technology

  • YOU own all your data and licenses.
  • At the core of your non-proprietary technology stack is a fully integrated client relationship and portfolio management system.
  • You can view real-time tracking of all back/middle office activities—including account transfers, trades, and client distributions.
  • You have the scale and resources to utilize state-of-the art technology, which is usually cost prohibitive for standalone independent advisors.
  • You have flexibility to round out your own custom technology stack.

You Choose Your Investment Management Options

You’re Part of an Advisor Community

  • You’re partnering with a firm which supports a larger network of other independent, like-minded, experienced financial advisors across the country.
  • You have access to advisors like you (other successful advisors/peers) to learn from and collaborate with.
  • The FocusPoint Advisor Community provides feedback and synergy which helps us to continuously evolve and improve upon our service offering.
  • When you are supported by FocusPoint, you’re utilizing a solution which is, was, and always will be, designed for advisors, by advisors.
Leverage, Independence, and Support Your're Seeking

By the way, FocusPoint’s Virtual Ensemble™ model can benefit firms of any size—as long as they understand and value the power and leverage of outsourcing. We have found that it works not only for solo advisors, but also for groups of advisors/traditional ensemble (since it adds even more operating leverage to the equation).

You’re not alone. With FocusPoint supporting you behind the scenes, you’re part of a Virtual Ensemble®, offering you the support, leverage, and resources of a traditional ensemble or larger firm. At the same time, you have the REAL independence to remain in control of all decisions relating to your business and your clients.

It’s the best of all worlds.

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