What’s your Client ‘Sweet Spot’?”

“Who is your ideal client? What’s your ‘sweet spot’?”

For many advisors, these questions aren’t so simple to answer.

We GET it. For years, we’ve gotten these very same questions from advisors and colleagues alike. Eventually, we realized (clearly) that what OUR target advisor audience shares has very little to do with AUM. There is no exact ‘sweet spot’ for us when it comes to assets. Whether they manage $20 million or $1 billion, our ideal advisor clients see the value of focusing their time and energy on what they do best…and outsourcing. They also share our values and vision. There’s a cultural fit. And at the end of the day, our relationship feels like a true partnership.

Shaking hands.

Sound familiar?

FocusPoint is in a uniquely parallel role with advisors, who often offer something similar to their retail clients. Read on…

You, an advisor, offer your clients a suite of services and expertise depending on their needs.

Similarly, whether they’re breaking away or forming their own RIA, advisors who plug into our solution choose the guidance and support THEY need in many areas; i.e. back office services, technology, investment research, transition and compliance assistance, practice development, etc.

Illustration of four advisors sitting and standing around a table.

When we sat down and really brainstormed on what OUR VERY BEST ADVISOR CLIENTS have in common, here’s what we found:

  • They prefer to concentrate on things which are most crucial in building a successful and valuable business: building client relationships and marketing.
  • They find significant value in living a rewarding life OUTSIDE of their business.
  • They’re willing to be honest and forthcoming about their business and personal goals. (We’ve found that there is a direct correlation between the quality and impact of our guidance and involvement…and the level of information advisors choose to share with us. If you’re an advisor we know you can relate.)
  • They acknowledge the benefit of establishing a long-term relationship with a trusted partner who is committed to helping them succeed.

They believe that they should maximize the time they spend nurturing and developing client relationships; most everything else should be delegated or outsourced.

What do YOUR very best clients have in common? Qualify and communicate this within and throughout your marketing efforts…you’ll attract more of those clients.

Our goal is to bring new LIFE to your business…such that you enjoy a new freedom and sense of ability that may have been missing before. We want you, the advisor we support, to feel like you can work ON—not IN—your business. And we want you to experience more time…not only to build your business relationships, but also to enjoy your personal life.

two advisors shaking hands
Sound interesting? We’d love to hear from you…by partnering and learning more about you and your business, we can help YOU define YOUR ‘sweet spot’.

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