The Leverage, Independence, and Support You’re Seeking

Leverage, Independence, and Support Your're Seeking

The world has changed significantly, but our Virtual Ensemble® service offering continues to stand the test of time.

Many advisors are looking for a business model which offers them all the economies of scale and synergy of a traditional ensemble, while allowing them to truly keep their independence and remain in control of all decisions relating to their practice—and their clients.

The Virtual Ensemble® offers advisors the independence, leverage, and support they desire…without the need to join a larger firm. How is this possible?

Here’s what the concept looks like: A group of independent advisors, across the country, with similar business philosophies, are able to consolidate/delegate their non-client-facing activities to an experienced back office team, through a completely Web-based, centralized, integrated suite of non-proprietary technology.

Why consider the Virtual Ensemble®?

It’s Your Business

  • You own and operate your own RIA; this allows you to maintain and develop your identity and brand, within your local community.
  • The Virtual Ensemble® structure can be virtually transparent to your clients, who only have a relationship directly with you.
  • You enjoy a significant amount of leverage, without the need to join a larger firm.
  • You’re able to redirect your time and energy to client relationship and business growth.
  • Keeping a broker/dealer affiliation is up to you.
  • You have the option of leveraging a corporate RIA structure, while keeping your own brand.

A Team of Experienced Professionals Back You Up

  • Your dedicated relationship manager serves as your central point of contact for all back office activities.
  • Practices <$100 million AUM can operate with as few as one staff person.
  • Transition specialists help you make a quick and profitable transition to the new business model.
  • Your practice development team helps you to maintain/develop your unique brand, message, client pieces, and marketing/sales strategies.

You Plug Into an Integrated, Non-Proprietary Suite of Technology

  • The core of the Web-based engine is a fully integrated client relationship and portfolio management system.
  • You can view real-time tracking of all back office activities—including account transfers, trades, and client distributions.
  • You have the scale and resources to continue developing systems and to purchase state-of-the art technology that could otherwise be cost prohibitive.

Choose Your Unique Investment Management Options

  • You can adjust your level of participation in the investment selection and management process.
  • You keep investment discretion for your clients.
  • You can manage most of your clients’ assets within one system, regardless of account size/type.

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