Too much time on quarterly reporting and billing last month?

If you’re like many advisors, quarter-end means the beginning of a painful period of days—or weeks—spent dealing with quarterly reporting and billing. The hours spent on these essential but tedious activities can really add up, draining the advisors or staff responsible for them.

When it comes to reporting and billing, the advisors we consult with typically want to change something. They may feel they have no choice but to settle for average reports, or they want to figure out a way to make their separate systems talk to each other. No matter what, advisors commonly started doing these tasks a certain way years ago—and now they don’t have the time or energy to create a more efficient approach.

How much of your time would be freed up by delegating your non-revenue-producing activities to an experienced staff? How could this extra time benefit your clients—and your professional and personal life?

For more than 20 years we’ve been developing systems to address the issues advisors most commonly face. We offer a total outsource solution, designed for advisors ready to delegate to a trusted partner who understands their needs.

Here’s some of what’s included in this comprehensive system designed to support servicing ALL of your trading, modeling, back office, and technology needs:

  • Trading: We can assist with your trading strategy/models or you can utilize ours—at a custodian of your choice.
  • Ongoing portfolio changes: We will assist with all trading, rebalancing and changes to each portfolio at your instruction (your firm has total discretion).
  • New account activities: We aid with ensuring proper setup and tracking of new accounts and transfers with the custodian, including delivery of new assets.
  • Downloads and reconciliation: We handle this daily for you and your staff.
  • Billing: We will completely calculate and administer billing for you based on your instruction.
  • Reporting: We provide a robust portfolio management system and produce all performance reporting and tax-related reporting for your firm.
  • CRM: You and your team have access to a complete contact relationship management service for your business.
  • A paperless office: You can plug into all technology to turn your practice paperless, including scanning software, form filling software, and access to highly secure client web portals, plus all regular backups.
  • Private labeling: You determine how you’d like us to entirely private label the program for you.
  • Control: YOU control the client experience—we remain transparent, behind the scenes.
  • All-inclusive pricing option: You choose whether our fees to you include trading and custody—or if you’d like to pass these along to your clients.

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