How are you GROWING?

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If you took away market growth over the last several years, did you know that the vast majority of financial advisors are actually NOT growing?

At some point the markets will change.

This is of particular concern for advisors who have aging clients. Right off the bat, each year money is earmarked to leave client accounts to pay for fixed monthly expenses and necessary distributions. Are you prepared to continue your business growth once that happens?

It’s no surprise that most advisory firm growth outside the market happens through referrals.

But if you’re like most advisors, and believe that growth through referrals is where you’d like to focus your efforts, you need to deliver an INCREDIBLE experience to your clients. You also need to have a cohesive online presence…because guess what? Like it or not—especially in this day and age—client referrals are going to Google you.

They’re going to scope out your name, your website, and your social media.

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If you want to continue growing organically, it’s necessary to make investments in marketing, client service, and your overall client experience offering. Our Practice Development team can help you create and implement strategies which give you the ability to continuously bring in new clients, while offering the ones you already have an amazing client experience.

Here are some areas where we often help advisors:

  • Establish and document all your systematized client processes.
  • Determine where it makes the most sense to reinvest money back into your business.
  • Achieve efficiencies and make sure you have a plan in place to meet your KPIs (key performance indicators).
  • Enhance your brand, unique messaging, and focus so that you’re reaching the maximum number of ideal clients you’re meant to serve.
  • Define and implement a specific, actionable marketing plan (including referral activities) to help you reach your goals.
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Our unique service offering combines both service and consulting, giving us the ability to help you to bring on new clients, while successfully engaging your existing ones.

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