Create Your Ideal Lifestyle Practice Webinar Replay

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Are you seeking a lifestyle practice? On April 24, FocusPoint presented a webinar titled “Create Your Ideal Lifestyle Practice”, geared towards advisors interested in breaking away from their current situations to form their own RIA.

“Create Your Ideal Lifestyle Practice” webinar replay from April 24, 2013 still available.

In the webinar, we offered suggestions on how advisors can set the stage for achieving the lifestyle practice  they really want  during that breakaway process. For many advisors, the idea of working with FocusPoint to customize an outsourcing solution that can include just about everything that isn’t client-facing really makes our partnership a great fit.  You can click here for a replay of the webinar, or here for the Breakaway Advisor Symposium webpage which contains additional resources for advisors who want to go independent.