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Evan Kellenberger

VP Director of Advisor Development

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A 24-year veteran of the financial services industry, Evan joined the FocusPoint Solutions team in April 2011. Prior to joining the firm, he worked for a boutique Registered Investment Advisor as their Vice President of Institutional Marketing, handling the distribution of the firm's mutual funds and separately managed accounts to fee-based advisors across the country. Prior to that, he spent over 14 years at Fidelity Investments, where he held various positions of increasing responsibility, most recently with the Institutional Wealth Services Group where he sold trading and custody services to fee-based advisors located in the Mid-Atlantic territory.

Today, Evan works with advisors to connect them with the practice management tools and resources offered through their partnership with FocusPoint. He also communicates regularly with advisors so that they are aware of ongoing company initiatives, as well as to make sure the FocusPoint team is properly prepared for any changes they may be making to their business models.

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