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It is possible for you to create and maintain a business that doesn’t require your constant involvement, yet allows you to keep the level of control you desire. What makes our trading solution especially unique is that we support you, the advisor - you keep discretion of your client accounts.

Trading activities

  • As assets arrive into new and existing accounts, confirm with Advisor that it is alright to trade to the appropriate investment model
  • As cash arrives into new and existing accounts, wait until cash is over the model weighting, then invest into chosen investment models
  • As investment model changes are made, ensure those trades are executed
  • Liquidate assets proportionately according to investment model to free up cash for redemptions, fees, or systematic withdrawal requests
  • Execute stock/bond/annuity trades as necessary or as requested by Advisor
  • Review/rebalance at agreed upon timeframes, using Advisor's criteria to ensure accounts are invested according to investment model
  • If assisting Advisor with creation of new investment models, help Advisor to move accounts into those models
  • Work with Advisor to create a strategy to handle tax sensitive accounts
  • When possible, trade around investments with potential short-term redemption fees

Meet the Trading Team

With the right partners and your commitment to a good plan, you can make changes to your business today that will allow you to create a work/life balance that is more satisfying to you. Let our experienced team free up your time by handling your trading needs at your instruction.

Matt Fleming

Director of Portfolio Data

Michael Whisenhunt

Senior Trading Manager

Eric Lukesh


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