Strategic Guidance


Advisor transitions

  • Customization of client transition plan and timeline
  • Completion of all relevant client paperwork related to transition
  • Custodian and asset review/analysis/approval
  • Establishment of advisor firm with custodian (as applicable)
  • Assistance with client meeting and communication materials related to transition
  • New account setup and transfer of cost basis information as applicable
  • Trading on new accounts to set them to the portfolios you choose

Practice management

  • Initial discovery and consultation
  • Customized business analysis
  • Assistance with your investment process
  • Access to presentation materials
Advisor Comments
“Sit down with those clients you have the best relationships with first. Go with smaller clients that you have a good relationship with, then your larger ones. From a cash flow standpoint, you have to move your top 50% in asset size first. After you have a couple of clients who are excited about it, as confident as you were before, you’re even more confident now.”