Strategic Guidance


Advisor transitions

  • Customization of client transition plan and timeline
  • Completion of all relevant client paperwork related to transition
  • Custodian and asset review/analysis/approval
  • Establishment of advisor firm with custodian (as applicable)
  • Assistance with client meeting and communication materials related to transition
  • New account setup and transfer of cost basis information as applicable
  • Trading on new accounts to set them to the portfolios you choose

Practice management

  • Initial discovery and consultation
  • Customized business analysis
  • Assistance with your investment process
  • Access to presentation materials
Advisor Comments
“Get clear and then figure out whether your client base fits into this vision or can be pretty easily modified to fit it. Be organized up front as much as possible but not to the degree that it delays you. Get excited. Don’t miss the opportunity to really make something in addition to the transition itself; make it a business-growing opportunity.”