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Leverage, Independence, Flexibility, Efficiency... Is a Virtual Ensemble® right for you?

If you’re like many advisors, you may be searching for a solution that allows you to enjoy all of the economies of scale and synergy of a traditional ensemble—while keeping your independence and remaining in control of all decisions relating to your business.

The right solution for you may be our service offering, which offers a unique Virtual Ensemble® concept: A group of independent advisors from around the country, who have similar business philosophies, have joined together to consolidate/delegate all non-client-related activities through a completely Web-based, centralized engine. FocusPoint Solutions’ full-service back office outsourcing service model for advisors was established more than 13 years ago.

Advisors want to focus on serving clients and building their business, and our turnkey business solution frees them to do just that. FocusPoint Solutions’s Virtual Ensemble® structure works not only for solo practitioners, but also for groups of advisors or traditional ensembles, adding even more operating leverage to the equation.

While each advisor we support is different, here are some of the critical elements we have incorporated into our Virtual Ensemble® concept:

  • Advisors own and operate their own RIA; this allows them to maintain their identity within their community and continue developing their own brand.
  • Instead of focusing on research, trading, downloading, reconciling, reporting, portfolio management, and monitoring, advisors spend their time developing client relationships and growing their business.
  • Advisors are able to choose a broker/dealer affiliation, provided they can operate an outside RIA.
  • The Virtual Ensemble® structure is virtually invisible to clients, who only have a relationship directly with their advisor.
  • The core of the Web-based engine is a fully integrated client relationship and portfolio management system.
  • If utilizing centralized investment research provided by the Virtual Ensemble®, advisors are able to fully participate in the investment selection and management process, if they so desire.
  • Each advisor has investment discretion for his/her clients.
  • Advisors can manage all of their clients’ assets, regardless of size or type of account.
  • The system provides real-time tracking of all back-office activities, including account transfers, trades, and client distributions.
  • Advisors can run all reports via the Web, at any time and from any place.

Due to the operating leverage created by the Virtual Ensemble®, advisors also enjoy some of the following benefits:

  • Practices with assets under management of up to $100 million can expect to smoothly and efficiently operate with only a single staff person.
  • Transition guidance and coaching, along with a team of transition specialists, are available to help advisors make a quick and profitable transition to the fee-based business model.
  • High-quality client communications and reports are provided; these go out under the advisor's signature and are branded with the firm's logo.
  • Ongoing business coaching helps advisors maintain a profitable business, while finding a balance between their personal and professional lives.
  • The Virtual Ensemble® has the scale to continue developing systems and the resources to purchase state-of-the-art technology that may be cost prohibitive for individual advisors.
  • Advisors in the Virtual Ensemble® have the scale to obtain compliance services and marketing support, utilizing top talent at preferred rates.
  • Advisors enjoy further leverage via virtual document management technology to allow them to have truly Web-based, paperless offices.

Think of FocusPoint Solutions as your Virtual Ensemble®. See some real-life case studies involving advisors who successfully transitioned to a more ideal business model. Also, view our complete list of the outsourcing services we offer advisors.

Contact FocusPoint Solutions at (866) 201-3034 or to schedule a 30-minute demo or learn more about our virtual support team and technology offering. Let us customize a solution to address your unique needs.

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“I wanted more balance. And I wanted to remove myself from a lot of the day-to-day operational side of this business—trading, research, all the functions of investment management — which is how I get paid but it certainly isn’t where my passion lies.”


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