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Do you want to focus on growing your business?

FocusPoint Solutions often consults with advisors who want to spend more time working on their business—not in it. At the end of the day, most advisors have very little time to think about creating a plan to build business. And it's hard for them to remember things being any other way.

At some point, many advisors recognize that they cannot continue doing everything on their own. Advisors may begin to take a close look at their most time-consuming or labor intensive tasks (such as billing, reporting, trading, and/or portfolio management) to see if those activities can be effectively outsourced.

Freeing up more of your time and energy through outsourcing can be significantly beneficial, but putting your clients through any type of change involves a big decision on your part. If you're considering outsourcing, you want to choose the right partner for you (and as a result, your clients). Here are some of the opinions that many of the advisors utilizing FocusPoint Solutions share:

  • You want to remain in control of your client experience. We don't dictate how you run your business. FocusPoint Solutions structures portfolios for you to use at your discretion. You can utilize existing models and investment philosophy or we can implement yours. The majority of investment research and ongoing monitoring can be handled by our CFA-led investment team (which serves as an extension of your staff) so that you're able to make informed decisions, while committing much less time to portfolio management.
  • You and your clients are unique. You'll probably need to build around existing assets and accommodate accounts of various types and sizes. That's why FocusPoint Solutions can help design flexible portfolios to meet your specific needs. We want to help you do what's best for you and your clients.
  • You are fiercely independent. FocusPoint Solutions is a true private label solution, acting on your behalf behind the scenes. Your clients do not sign an agreement with us; we support and communicate with you, the advisor. Our systems are intentionally non-proprietary and can likely be incorporated into the financial planning process you already have in place. The client pieces you generate from our system display your unique logo, colors, and brand.

Advisors who work with FocusPoint Solutions have been pleased with the simplicity of our systems and the investment strategies our team can provide. Advisors find they are able to consolidate most assets into an easily manageable, streamlined, controlled fee environment—often while increasing revenue and the intrinsic value of their business.

For any questions on this program, please reply to this email, contact us at (866) 201-3034, or visit to learn more.

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What Our Advisors are Saying

Advisor Comments
“Now, I spend more time with fewer clients, and I have more free time from the operations side. This model allows about as much free time as you want. At the beginning of the year my goal was to take six weeks of vacation, which is twice as much as I’ve ever taken, and I’ll be able to fulfill that.”


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